Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Floors - Post 3 - Master bedroom & Upstairs

The master bedroom is over 600 sq ft and is white oak laid in the late 40's or early 50's just like in the sunroom. Unlike the sunroom someone had stained it with mahogany stain but never put poly down. I went over it with the buffer sander lightly but the stain was still taken up in a lot of places so I had to re-stain before i could put poly down.

Once the stain dried I put down the first layer of poly.

And then two more.

Next I tackled the upstairs. The upstairs consists of two bedrooms a bathroom and a hall.

Here is the front bedroom floor during sanding.

Here is the front bedroom floor after the first coat of poly.

After two coats.

Upstairs hall after two coats of poly.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Floors - Post 2 - Poly

With the sanding and puttying complete I began to poly the floors. For the first coat I used gloss poly and satin for the next two coats. This gives the floor more depth but still has a satin finish.

The first thing to get poly was the original rear door threshold. this goes between the main hall and the rear hall. The rear hall was at one time a porch.

I then started in the dining room.

First coat down in the sunroom.

First coat in the dining room.

The rear hall has newer yellow pine flooring. I stained it to match the color of the cypress. Here is the the coat of stain after it was applied. You can see the threshold sitting in the foreground, it is not in place in the pic.

Second coat of poly in the dining room and office.

Looking into the rear hall with a coat of stain and a coat of poly. I think the color matches pretty well. The stain is Minwax Red Chestnut.

Sunroom second coat.

Third coat going down.

This pic shows the wear in the floors that I didn't want to lose by sanding. There's a lot of character yet the floor is perfectly smooth, you can slide on it in your socks and not worry about splinters.

I wanted to put more than three coats down but I had been working on the floors for so long that I decided three was enough.

Up next is refinishing the master bedroom floor and upstairs.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Floors - Post 1 - Sanding

We will eventually be rebuilding the chimneys in the office (Original kitchen) and Dining Room but for now I needed to put some wood down to cover up the hole. these are pics of the Dining Room fireplace. The mantle is from a house near Tyrone, GA that was destroyed by a tornado about 10 years ago.

Then I began what would become an extremely long process of sanding the floors. I started in the office. The first pic is a before shot.

After one pass with the drum sander.

Here is the main hall.

After one pass.

Here is the parlor, unfortunately I could not save the faux grain paint on the floor. I just couldn't match up the color. the paint gummed up the sandpaper pretty badly.

Here is the dining room after one pass.

The floors are heart cypress. Cypress is a softwood but after almost 160 years they have become petrified and are extremely hard. I had to do many passes on a complete 90 degrees to the grain just to get down in the dips.

I don't want to sand the floor perfectly level, I want to leave some of the wear in the floor, I just want to make sure it's smooth.

First pass in the Sunroom. The flooring in here is white oak, Oak is a hardwood but it was much easier to sand than the cypress.

Fourth pass on the dining room floor. It's starting to look good.

Looking from the office (original kitchen) into the dining room and the sunroom beyond.

View from the sunroon looking into the dining room and the office beyond.

Dining room floor.

Looking from the main hall into the dining room with the sunroom beyond.

Now that the sanding is done I need to fill in the nail holes in the parlor, main hall, dining room, and office. All of these rooms had flooring nailed on top of it. I contemplated using sawdust from the sanding mixed with poly but i didnt like the results so I am using Elmers Probond wood filler in cherry stain.

This is the parlor floor, this pic gives you a good idea of all the holes I need to fill.

Putting the putty down in the main hall.

Putting putty down in the dining room.


In the next post I will be putting down the poly.